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Crafting values in cancer care across the UK: at the intersection between oncology and ethnography

Considerable transformations have taken place in cancer care over recent years in the UK. Long-term structural re-configurations of the NHS, novel therapies made possible through breakthroughs in wet labs and public awareness of some of the epi-genetic factors contributing to our understandings of cancer risk are just some of the variables that are changing the landscape of cancer care. In turn, qualitative health researchers are witnessing how these emergent projects are mobilising a myriad of epistemological, political and ethical categories that are shaping clinical dynamics and the modes through which our key informants are negotiating what good care is and what its effects are.

As its starting point, the theme ‘crafting values in cancer care’ aims to strengthen the bridge between oncology and ethnography by providing a framework for an informed discussion about the potential of ethnographic work to illuminate the diverse opportunities and challenges that oncology teams, patients and caregivers fare across the country today.

We welcome papers by early career researchers and other academics who are exploring the socio-political, therapeutic and ethical projects that are currently transforming cancer care terrain in the UK. Drawing on ethnographic methods, we would like to ask what kinds of values are crafted, negotiated and embodied inside and outside oncology clinics throughout the country. Whilst not limited to the following topics, we are keen to reflect on:

  • The disparities in stratified cancer care and the effects of the distribution of therapeutic innovation across the UK.
  • The production and negotiation of lay and expert knowledge around cancer risk
  • The socio-political dynamics giving rise to the collectivisation of experiences of cancer patienthood and survivorship.
  • The ethical values informing caregiving projects of patients and their support networks outside the clinic.
  • The scope and limits of ethnographic research for contributing to meaningful changes in medical practice and health policy.

Abstract submission and deadlines

We invite submissions from any relevant discipline. Submissions should include an abstract (maximum 300 words), affiliation and contact details of the author(s).

  • Proposals must be submitted by 16th 23rd March 2018 (the deadline has been extended).
  • Authors will be notified of acceptance on the 1st April by e-mail.
  • Accepted participants must submit a working draft of their paper by the 8th May 2018.
  • Following the workshop, we ask that papers (max 3.500 words) are revised and submitted for publication by 1 October 2018. We aim to publish appropriate papers based on the conference presentations in a special issue of a multidisciplinary journal in 2020.
  • Submit your abstract here:

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